About us

Third descent of olive producer in south of France, we bring you our experience in picking and defleafing olive harvest with a range for smart amateur and professional.

The range is mostly atypical and is patented. The design was made according to reduce the effort for these boring tasks : picking and deleafing

To avoid any maintenance problem, the design is also based on ergonomis, simplicity, strength and autonomous. Manufacturing is locally made in small quantity.

The range of products is more an investment than an one shot purchase.

For the picking task , the bag « Oliveur »:

I know what is the manual task for picking olives, we have to pick/twist and throw away in a basket all days long. So I was inspired by old « Bontes » or « Colichons » and i project to withdraw the back hurt by deleting the twist movements.

The gag is now on sale since 2002 and he reached a great success among the users.

This ergonomic bag is completely combined with your body thanks to adjustable webbing and 3 anchor points, that’s the reason why your two hands are free all along the picking, improving the yield. The fruits are concentrated in a open semi-spheric recipient, easy to empty thans to a down positioned zip.

To pick at the top of olive trees, this bag is very convenient, because the recipient is adjustable and foldable , so you don’t have to hang up a rigid bucket on the bough. To move inside the tree is very easy thanks to this foldable/unfoldable bag

The manufacturing is made with sunblind canvas from “Dickson” brand.

Deleafing, leaf stripping task :

One of the most boring and time-consuming task it is the leaf stripping operation !

We analyse among the market the range of material. There was no perfect machine : silent, autonomous, without engine, without mechanism, mobile, no cumbersome, easy to use for young and old people.

The design was based on these forward words, and we propose the unique deleafer (galvanized steel or stainless) without any energy or machinery. The efficiency is from 10kg/h up to 600kg/h

Design creed :

  • Low emptying to carry on arm less weight (we taught at young and ancient people)

  • You can leave the leaves direct on the field thanks to the entire mobilty. The operation can be realized tree by tree instead of a huge amount after the picking day.

  • No energy , no machinery, so this dealeafer is indestructible and all days long : ready to use!

  • Small size : 70cmx50cmx100cm, convenient (you can stow boxes upside) and your web beside the deleafer

Sort Principle :

  • A first grid enable to remove big elements (oak leaves, bough …), easy to move and remove you can cleaned this grid easily.

  • Then 2 bended grids compel leaves to be evacuated in reserved zones,

  • No possibility to mix again leaves and olives

  • Final reception box, is ready to be triturate at the mill

See technical description for more informations